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Multi-Passes to the Metaverse
Multi-Passes to the Metaverse


Each MAGE Relic is an ERC-721 token that is a "Multi-Pass to the Metaverse". These NFTs can only be officially minted on the MetaBrands website and after minting they are transferable. In order to create these relics, it will require a sacrifice or burning of MAGE tokens. *Circumstantial: MAGE Relic NFTs are stackable or compounding, meaning that the owner will receive benefits from each individual NFT. There may be certain cases in which an owner only needs 1 to gain certain access, permissions, or benefits and MAGE Relic NFTs are not stackable. Below are the current list of benefits and use cases.

Master Relic
Master Relic

10,000 MAGE

Oracle Relic
Oracle Relic

25,000 MAGE

Archmage Relic
Archmage Relic

50,000 MAGE

Yield Airdrops

Yield Airdrops + 5% Bonus

Yield Airdrops + 10% Bonus

10,000 Votes

26,250 Votes (5% Bonus Voting Power)

55,000 Votes (10% Bonus Voting Power)

Create & Vote on Proposals (Considered)

Create, Vote, Approve Proposals (Implemented)

Create, Vote, Approve, and Challenge Proposals

15% of MBV Allocations

30% of MBV Allocations

50% of MBV Allocations

Discord Role & Permissions

Discord Role & Permissions

Discord Role & Permissions

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Yield Airdrops
    • MAGE Tokens & Partner Tokens
    • MetaBrands contributions that earn yield from different levels of participation will be airdropped MAGE tokens to owners of the Master Relic (tokens purchased from the public market).
  • DAO Participation
    • Voting
    • Create Proposals in the DAO for consideration (DAO Portal)
    • Create, Vote, Approve, and Challenge Proposals in the DAO for implementation
  • Whitelisting
    • Access and participation in MetaBrands Ventures (Private Allocations)
    • Access to private areas in different Metaverse Ecosystems

Future Integrations

The long-term plan for the MAGE Relic NFTs is for the owner to be granted special powers and abilities in different ecosystems, on different platforms, and within different games. As MetaBrands partners with other ecosystems and brands, it will be able to assign additional benefits for the owners of the these relics, based off of the agreement between both parties. Additionally, MetaBrands wants to be able to offer bridges for these NFTs to other blockchain ecosystems, just like with the MAGE token. It has long been a part of the MetaBrands vision and strategy to have interoperability and cross-chain functionality, as neither MetaBrands nor its assets are designed to be limited to one environment.

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(official name to be disclosed at a future time)

With the MAGE token comes the introduction of the Mage NFT. There are 10,000 uniquely distinguishable NFT heroes that serve as gatekeepers to the Metaverse. This is the initial phase that will tie deeper the lore of MetaBrands into our own play-to-earn ecosystem. MAGE Relic NFT owners will have priority for whitelisting opportunities to mint their hero. Minting will cost 0.08 ETH to craft your Mage Hero, with a total possible raise of 800 ETH. *Subject to adjustments, according to market demand

NFT Asset Distribution

Allocation (%)



Floor Purchases (redistribute in promotional activities)


Airdrops (including 2.5% of aftermarket sales)




Game Incubation

How does this help MetaBrands?

  • Increase Treasury for larger commitments and scaling
  • Increase the monthly Airdrops for MAGE Relic NFT owners
  • New benefits & assets for community members (special gifts, tokens, liquidity mining, yields, etc.)
  • Partnerships and promotions to grow community and engagement

Updated 21 Apr 2022
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