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As with every captivating trend, people and companies are rushing in to capitalize on the market momentum. However, they are overwhelmed with the extensive amount of projects from which to select and often struggle to make the right choice. Many DeFi users are wary about the complexity of these systems, technology, markets, and gameplay and, in most cases, lack the bandwidth required to assemble and comprehend vast amounts of information and make the best decision for their portfolio strategy.

DeFi Participant Challenges

  • Asset Rarity Ranking & Evaluation
  • Asset Accumulation Strategy
  • Project Vetting
    • Unique Value Proposition & Market Fit
    • Team & Community Analysis
    • Tokenomics
    • Competitors
    • Launch Schedule (Corresponding with Current Events)
    • Security & Auditing

Conducting due diligence for a couple of projects may be manageable, but when looking to scale a portfolio with new opportunities presenting themselves weekly, if not daily, more attention and dedication are required. The investment of time, often overlooked in asset management, is a critical factor in maintaining a positive portfolio, as well as maximizing the returns of value.

How will we overcome these challenges?

Utilizing the MetaBrands network of strategic advisors, influential leaders, and community members, we will unite our resources to establish a metaverse asset portfolio, operated by a DAO. Community members can actively participate and create proposals, vote, and govern how the DAO operates. By establishing a DAO, this allows the network to pull knowledge and resources together to collectively grow as one. Additionally, this grants more rights and use cases to the token holders and NFT owners, displays aspects of the ecosystem in a transparent manner, and allows participants to have a voice toward current and future strategies.

Note: Token holders will be able to propose, vote, and steer the protocol on key parameters, such as economics, security, and improvements for the MetaBrands ecosystem.

Furthermore, this enables any new participants to gain instant exposure across top-performing projects, without the hurdle of entries on the frontline: Restricted whitelisting or presale entry point for certain projects, or competing with one another for any given asset.

Updated 21 Oct 2021
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