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Governance Structure

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) consists of members from the core team, advisors, strategic partners, and token holders. MetaBrands will utilize the Snapshot platform to help orchestrate and facilitate DAO-related activities.

The purpose of the DAO is to vote and govern how MetaBrands and the treasury operate.

Within the DAO voting portal, verified MAGE token holders and MAGE Relic NFT owners will be able to participate in the governance of MetaBrands. NFT owners can submit proposals to the DAO for consideration and evaluation. Only eligible MAGE token holders of the DAO will be able to vote on these proposals with voting power based on their total ownership of MAGE tokens. One MAGE token equals one vote. For example, an owner of the Archmage Relic would be eligible to cast 55,000 votes based on the 10% extra bonus.


Voting Power

MAGE Token (ERC-20)

1 Vote

Master Relic (ERC-721)

10,000 Votes

Oracle Relic (ERC-721)

26,250 Votes

Archmage Relic (ERC-721)

55,000 Votes

Proposal Types

  • Operating protocol (Core) defines how the organization will operate.
  • Contribution strategies (Strategy) outlines criteria that must be met in order for consideration.
  • Resource deployment (Resource) determines the amount and where resources are allocated.


Governance Permissions & Rights

Holders of any amount will be able to vote for proposals in the DAO for consideration.

  • Master (NFT Owner) will be able to create and vote for proposals in the DAO for consideration.
  • Oracles (NFT Owner) will be able to create, vote, and approve proposals to be implemented.
  • Archmages (NFT Owner) will be able to create, vote, and approve proposals to be implemented with the ability to challenge passed proposals.

DAO Advisors

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Juan "Cacalillos" Contreras Technical & Financial Twitter LinkedIn

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Lee Cooper Marketing LinkedIn Instagram

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Tyler "Chief" Reinold Axie.gg & E1337 Twitter Twitch

Document image

Josep Gonzalez Founder of CoinDreams.io Twitter LinkedIn

Document image

Oleg Warkentin Founder of StakeCube.net Twitter LinkedIn

Document image

Hans Koning DigiByte Foundation Chair Twitter LinkedIn

Document image

Kerri "Wolven" Squires Community Growth Twitter

Document image

Cryptosi Bidify, SmartReach, RubySwap Twitter GitHub

Document image

YuurinBee Branding & UX/UI Design Twitter GitHub

Document image

Adrian Morrison Strategy & Planning

Document image

Bryan "Snappy" Doreian SDG Impact Fund, PIVX Twitter LinkedIn

Document image

Wilson S. Duarte Partnerships & Community Twitter LinkedIn

Document image

Carlos H. Campello Solidity & Web3 Developer Twitter Website

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Ben "Cybourgeoisie" Heidorn Co-Founder/CTO Blockade Games Twitter LinkedIn

Updated 06 Feb 2022
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