P2E & NFTs

Pillars of the Metaverse

MetaBrands is focusing on two target, niche markets:

Play-to-Earn Blockchain Gaming and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

As Play2Earn and NFT ecosystems evolve, there are more ways to be able to earn both active and passive income for all levels of participation. Part of this model includes finding promising projects in their conception and early stages to partake in public and private presales. Not only will this allow MetaBrands to be on the forefront for the latest developments and innovations in the space, but it will enable MetaBrands to participate in these events, which also increases the probabilities for the highest potential yield.

Wherever circumstances are favorable for all parties, MetaBrands plans to participate and engage with different blockchains, platforms, and games. The metaverse is an all-inclusive space and our values encourage collaboration and interoperability, whenever feasible. We are not limited to one blockchain or one ecosystem, nor do we hold such limiting views. Therefore, we intend to continue building bridges between communities, players, developers, games, and platforms.

Play-to-Earn (P2E)

For those who aren't familiar with the term "play-to-earn", it can be summarized as a means in which players can extract a real-world value from games, either through currencies or assets acquired in game. Players are now able to be rewarded for their time, energy, and skill invested in games that has the potential to help pay bills, feed families, and change physical lives. See the social impact that P2E gaming is making on the world in this documentary.

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CryptoPunk #3100

BAYC #3749

Axie #2655

CyberKong #52

4.2K ETH ($7.58M)

740 ETH ($2.68M)

369 ETH ($1.32M)

180 ETH ($612K)

NFTs have taken off in the past few years and gained world-wide attention through massive media channels, largely for their financial value, while the large majority of the population is still uncertain of what they are and how they function.

MetaBrands is looking for promising, upcoming projects with innovations in NFT design and utility.

Selection Criteria

  • Play-to-Earn Game with an acquirable cryptocurrency or in-game assets (NFTs)
  • Strong community engagement with dynamic gameplay
  • Virtual ecosystem including digital real estate with lease & resell opportunities
  • Virtual economy with a native token
  • Unique, multi-purpose NFTs (Collectibles, Interoperability, Real-World Utility)

Detailed guidelines and selection criteria will be formalized and submitted to the DAO portal before any fund is deployed from the treasury. This mitigates risk by ensuring that everything is transparent, so that funds aren't mismanaged and poorly utilized. Read the MetaBrands Ventures Guidelines.

NFT Collection & Sales

Once these assets are acquired, the DAO will govern how long these should be held and when they should be sold to maximize yield for all NFT owners. The original purchase value will go back into the treasury for redeployment, while the remaining yield will be divided into three parts: token burning, treasury, and Airdrops. The large majority of yield will be used to airdrop to MAGE Relic NFT owners. The remaining amount will be used to grow the MetaBrands Treasury in order to acquire more assets and scale, as well as burns to help assist with increasing the barrier entry for the MAGE Ranks. Eighty percent (80%) of yield will be distributed to MAGE Relic NFT owners at the beginning of the month, ten percent (10%) will be returned to the treasury, and the remaining ten percent (10%) will be permanently burned.

MAGE Relic NFT Owners
MetaBrands Treasury
Token Burn

75% of yield will be distributed to MAGE Relic NFT owners at the beginning of the month.

Updated 06 Jan 2022
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