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Metaverse Resource DAO

We intend to establish a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that operates a metaverse asset portfolio for participating and accumulating non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn game models (P2E), and digital real estate used in player-owned ecosystems. This allows everyday traders and investors to increase their exposure and familiarize themselves in these emerging markets.

Through the establishment of the MetaBrands DAO and setting a core foundation in play-to-earn gaming ecosystems, MetaBrands will empower local communities by providing above-wage income in exchange for asset management and utilization. This ensures that the social economic benefit is also shared across all parties involved. As a result, this allows MetaBrands to generate yield on a monthly basis, which is then distributed back to the community.

As MetaBrands scales, we will be able to orchestrate the talented network of gamers, developers, artists, advisors, DeFi participants, and marketers within the community to provide access to assets, skills, and essential resources needed to bring specular ideas or projects to life.

Battle-Tested Results

The MAGE utility token is equipped to better withstand market volatility, due to the unique tokenomics model, asset diversification, and exposure in play-to-earn environments. These assets are generating yield in direct correlation to the expanding playerbase throughout the rapidly evolving metaverse. This provides MetaBrands with monthly resources that are used to purchase MAGE utility tokens off the public market and airdrop them to eligible NFT owners. Learn more about Airdrops.

Revenue Models

  • Play-to-Earn Gaming Models
  • NFT Primary & Secondary Sales
  • Asset Rental in the Metaverse
  • Game & Project Incubation
  • MetaBrands NFTs & Games
  • E-Sports & Tournaments
  • Media Coverage & Sponsorships Fees
  • Other Service Fees

Token Holder & NFT Benefits

  1. NFT Minting used to mint NFT Relics, Heroes, and more
  2. Yield collected to be airdropped on a monthly basis in MAGE utility tokens
  3. Higher Floor for the MAGE utility token, through the market strategy model
  4. Token Burning to reduce supply and increase barrier for crafting MAGE Relic NFTs
  5. DAO Permissions Voting, Creating Proposals, Suggestions
  6. Whitelisting for limited internal and external events
  7. Discounts on NFT purchases using the MAGE utility token

Updated 25 Oct 2021
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