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DAO Treasury Fund

The DAO Treasury Fund is managed by the core team, advisors, strategic partners, and token holders (based on voting power). These funds will be allocated to seed rounds and private rounds of promising projects, acquiring utility or yield-generating NFT assets, and other metaverse-based ecosystems to maximize the yield of the commitment and level of participation. MetaBrands will focus on establishing a base foundation to start generating yield so that benefits can be shared immediately after the token launch. The DAO will accomplish this by acquiring assets in the following top play-to-earn games and metaverse-based ecosystems with a proven track record, strong community engagement, and with high potential of success. Additionally, the DAO Treasury will utilize the Gnosis Multi-Signature Wallet with five DAO advisors to increase security and decentralization.

Projects Under Consideration

  • Axie Infinity - Sky Mavis - P2E
  • The Sandbox - TSB - Metaverse
  • Illuvium - Illuvium Labs - P2E
  • Neon District - Blockade Games - P2E

Axie Infinity Deployment Fund

An initial $350,000 will be used to purchase axies and launch the MetaBrands farm in order to create premium teams for players to compete in PVP to acquire more in-game assets. This allows us to create approximately 270 teams, with a floor earning of approximately $60,000 per month ($216 net profit per team). In an optimal market condition, these earnings from 270 teams would equate to approximately $150,000-$240,000 per month. The remaining $150,000 from the funds collected will be used to create the MetaBrands Asset Management Structure which includes players, trainers, recruiters, and managers. With this system in place, MetaBrands will be able to manage up to 1,000 teams, with a base yield of approximately $170,000 per month ($170 net profit per team) once 1,000 teams are fully deployed and achieving quota. In optimal market conditions, these yields would equate to approximately $300,000-$350,000 per month. This foundation will allow MetaBrands to circulate a portion of yield generated into its breeding farms to produce sought-after axies that are required for competitive gameplay. This will create additional yield for redistribution and allow MAGE token holders an opportunity to redeem valuable NFTs at discounted rates.

Updated 22 Dec 2021
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