Website Launch

White Paper Release

Pre-token Launch - Seed, Private

Asset Management System

Strategic Partnerships


Close Seed Round

DAO Portal Infrastructure (Snapshot)

Public Whitelisting Competition

MetaBrands Alliance NFT Collection (OpenSea)

Secure IDO Launchpads


IDO: OxBull (12/6), DuckSTARTER (12/8), TrustPad (12/11)

MAGE Token Launch

MAGE Relic Minting

Axie Infinity Deployment

DAO Governance Launch

Marketing Awareness Campaigns

MetaBrands Ventures (Private Allocations for Relic Owners)

Q1 2022

1st Yield Distribution

Bridge to AVAX (MAGE Token)

Establish Metaverse Presence

Additional P2E Scholarship Programs

Multi-Chain Expansion

Liquidity Mining Audit

Q2 2022

Metaverse Education Program

Liquidity Mining Portal

Analytics Dashboard

Bridge to BSC (MAGE Token)

Additional Utilities for MAGE Relic Owners

Hero Smart Contract Development

Hero Smart Contract Audit

MetaBrands Hero NFT Launch

Q3 2022

Launch eSports and Tournaments

Develop Keepers of the Metaverse Lore

Keepers of the Metaverse Conception

Play-to-Earn Mechanics Development

MAGE Relic Utilities & Integrations

Q4 2022

Keepers of the Metaverse Development

Metaverse Events & Collaborations

MetaBrands Gaming Guilds

MetaBrands 1 Year Anniversary Milestone

Updated 20 Apr 2022
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